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This is a blog that takes all your darkest thoughts and projects them into stories, most of them are stories of the 1800's by Edgar Allan Poe among others...

Monday, September 5, 2011

The begining of the horror...

Well, how you know , this is a blog that all the students at COBACH Norte in the capacitation of Languages  (5th semester) have to do for a good grade in the first partial, the activity it's to qualify our writing and the application of the knowledge that we have acquired from our Writing and Reading Strategies class.
Now, we just have to wait for the point of view of  Mr. Gallego.

Picture by Ana and Victor 

Edgar Allan Poe.
We choose this man because we think that he is one of the best authors of horror literature, his thoughts, his mysterious mind, his feelings, everything that inspires him and made him the best, that's what we like of his stories.  Although he died, he left much of him in his stories, novels and poems, many of them, gothics


  1. What can I say? I loved your blog. The site design is visually attractive, and the music makes it absolutely fantastic. The video bar is also a great idea.
    One suggestion: Translate the information on Poe's picture to English. Remember that the purpose of this activity is to practice the English language.
    Congratulations, Ana and Victor. You did a wonderful job.

  2. thanks teacher, we will keep the blog to publish more stories